Upcoming Events

TBA - Electronics Recycling Event (Summer 2020)

Following a very successful event in January, we will be holding another date in 2020, date TBC.  Bring your old PC or laptop, games consoles and cables, peripherals, routers, broken Christmas lights, chargers, cellphones and telecom equipment for safe secure recycling. Cables and wires also accepted.  Raffle and freebies for participants!!

April 4, 2020

 Community Garage Sale:


Get ready for the bi-annual 

Copperbrook Community Garage Sale.

Spring: April 4, 2020

If rained out, then April 11, 2020.


It's time to clean out the closets and the garage 

-and make a few bucks to go shop your neighbor's sales!!


2020 Market & Craft Day

Crafts, goods, and vendors will be at the Copperbrook pool for our first ever craft/market sale day.  Come and browse items for sale and meet the vendors.  If you would like to be a vendor at this event please email board@copperbrookhoa.com  The date will be posted here and on the Nextdoor App soon.

Best Halloween House Contest 2020

Three homes won trophies last year for awsome spooky decorating.  Many congratulations and thanks for taking part!  The three homes were on:  Royalbrook Drive, Majesticbrook Drive, and Chapelbrook Drive.

Best Christmas Decorations Contest

We awarded 10 trophies for the best outdoor Christmas decorations on Copperbrook last year.  We really loved the many homes which participated, and made the whole community feel extra festive!